The PPOA is a volunteer based support group in Colorado Springs, dedicated to improving the quality of life for those who have    or will have an intestinal or urinary diversion.
PPOA CONSTITUTION, BYLAWS & MINUTES            Print out for New Ostomates 
PRESIDENT'S NOTES: It’s time for Ladies’ Night at our 6 Apr, Tuesday Happy Hour! The plan is to get the meeting started, go through a few of the niceties, then have the women folk adjourn to the women’s chat room. This will be an excellent opportunity for you ladies to get together and share some alone time without the men folk hanging around. Everybody needs a little time away! Meanwhile, the men folk, and any of the women who don’t want to go to the women’s chat room, can hang around in the regular meeting and swap lies, tales of woe and adventure and all of the normal/abnormal stuff we usually do. Of course, we can set up other chat rooms if anyone desires. Remember, this is your group, I’m just passing through! Which brings up another subject…

If you guys want to switch up the program, or schedule some regular or special meetings at another time or different night or anything, please sing out. As the saying goes, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Remember, we got into this Happy Hour thing because somebody, Kimberly, spoke up with a new idea, and I love it!

As always, we share wins, losses, milestones and fellowship. This is an amazing group of people and I love being associated with them! They are very enjoyable and informative. It’s an opportunity to check in with everybody, share some joy & laughter and see what’s going on. 

Join our group on Facebook, Pikes Peak Ostomy. There’s also a very cool, large group on FB called Ostomyland! It’s worth a glance! 

Finally, remember to go to UOAA and sign up for the UOAA newsletter. You’ll get ALL of the latest ostomy related information, including updates on how COVID-19 is affecting us. Subscribe to The Phoenix Magazine and remember, it’s less expensive if you get the electronic copy and you might save a tree!

Stay safe,
Justus Anderson

Print off this invitation for general information and contact phone numbers about our organization